Monday, February 27, 2012

More Cold Process Soap

I am having such fun converting the Stella Marie line into cold process! Check out the photos below of more recent work.

New Soap Craft, Dinosoap Jr., De La Soap and Rockaway Beach. I used the leftover soap in Celtic Dragon and Gargoyle cavity molds.

Detail: Dinosoap Jr. and Rockaway Beach

Detail: Soap Craft

Detail: De La Soap

Detail: Celtic Dragons

Detail: Gargoyles

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cold Process

I am in the throes of making cold process soap and I am having a ball! As I discussed last year, I am changing my process so that I can make more soap in less time. While this is happening, however, I am still making hot process soap so that I may fill orders while the first batches of CP cure. I will not be able to sell them for 4 weeks. Here are some pictures of the CP soap I have made so far.
The Straight Soap (which I think will be re-named, Plain Jane), Grapefruit Moon and The Bad Seed (now with a hint of red shimmer on top). The hearts were made in a cavity mold with the leftover soap.Dude, Where's My Soap?, Tempest and Cucumber Slumber.