Sunday, August 24, 2008


I am officially closing up shop until the move to Providence is complete. My boyfriend and I have been preparing the basement for the soap workshop (ripping up old crappy carpeting, scraping off weird foam and glue residue) - better to do this before the moving truck arrives. This is scheduled for Wednesday. In the meantime, I am packing like I've never packed before! Actually, I'm packing the way I always pack. The procrastination way. Pack some boxes, watch TV, pack more, have a snack, pack, call a friend ...

My new FOs came in (African Rain is so pretty), but I will not be able to start the new soaps. As you can imagine, it's hella chaotic around here. I did manage to order new postcards and business cards yesterday.

Here are my new postcards (you've seen these images before in some form) ...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Soapcraft Sketch

I've just completed 1 sketch for the Bad Brains soap, however, I have some serious challenges ahead.

  1. Red is an extremely difficult color to achieve using Hot Process. Or Cold Process, for that matter. MP glycerin base yields fabulous results, but that isn't how I roll.
  2. The swirl. THE SWIRL. I have been able to create a swirl in the middle section of soap using a coat hanger. I think I can do this again, but the swirl might not be as "perfect" as it is pictured.

I went with African Rain as a scent. My supplier describes is as: The powerful aroma of a tropical rainforest – lush florals drenched in warm rain. Sounds yummy to me.

On a side note, the more I listen to Bad Brains, the more obvious it is to me that the Red Hot Chili Peppers ripped them off in a huge way and this bothers me.

Update: I am also going to be adding a Pixies Soap to the punk rock soap family. It will be called: Here Comes Your Soap. Kiwi Scent. Pixie dust on top. Color TBD.

Testing a New Logo

I don't think I will stray from the original, but I am testing a little something new in my Cafepress shop. What do you think?

Holy Soap Balls, Batman!

So, I finally found a way to use every freakin' part of the soap loaves I make. I take the sides that I shave off and make these little soaps from them. They seem to last a pretty long time in the kitchen. I've had a buttercream and a pink grapefruit going for a while.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Closing Is Tomorrow!

Our closing is scheduled for tomorrow morning. We've got all of our ducks in a row, but I would be kidding you if I said that the processes has been without stress. Cause it hasn't been! Lots of surprises at the last minute.

We'll be cracking open the bubbly tomorrow afternoon! And soon, Stella Marie will have a brand new home!

Our New Home (this time for real)!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Diana at Shea Bath tagged me ... so on it goes :)

( I would try to keep the tag moving, but it looks like all of us have been tagged already ...)

1- In lieu of my punk rock attitude, I read Martha Stewart. There. I said it.

2- More guilty pleasures include: Vacuuming, Little Debbie snacks, watching Moonstruck, reading US Magazine, Cherry Coke, eating stuff out of the bag on the way home from the grocery store.

3- When I was a kid, I wanted a sibling more than anything, so I made one up. For a short time, I had an invisible brother named Robert.

4- My last name is Brazilian, but I am not. Very long story.

5- I love the Muppet Show. When I hear the theme song, I still get all fuzzy inside.

6- I am a target for crime. I've been held up at gunpoint, burglarized, vandalized (my car, not me) and assaulted (a maniac jumped on the hood of my car while I was driving it and kicked at my windshield). I would have added arson to the list, but my downstairs neighbors didn't start the fire on purpose.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Punk Rock + Soap = Jail

Go, Doctor Bronner! This story is hilarious!

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