Thursday, October 13, 2011

Process Switch

In order to improve efficiencies, I will need to change my process from CPHP (Crock Pot Hot Process) to CP (Cold Process). I feel a bit as though I am betraying this process I have so strongly identified with for so long, but there are limits to the volume you can produce, even with 6 crock pots going at once.

So, yesterday, I took the plunge. I made my first batch of CP. I used Soap Craft, my multi-color African Rain soap, for the experiment. I was pleased with the results, though I must learn to master the swirl on top that makes CP soap so appealing. Raw soap sets up faster than I thought, and by the time I had finished dyeing the other layers, the top layer, which is natural, was starting to become like custard. I will get that pretty swirl in my next batch!

For now, here are some pictures:

Soap Craft (African Rain) | Cold Process Method

CPHP (left) vs CP (right)

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Home for the Holidays | Holiday Collection 2011

I am SO excited about this month's soap! Think: clementine, clove and cinnamon with shimmer on top! It was dyed with Bramble Berry Lab Colors Yellow & Orange + Cocoa Powder. Home for the Holidays will be available through the end of December. Beginning next month, it will be joined by two other limited editions. Stay tuned!