Thursday, December 27, 2007

Behind the Scenes

How is soap made? Several different ways. Methods range from Cold Process to Hot Process to Melt and Pour and there are variations within each method.

I use the Hot Process Method. Selecting a method is a personal choice - no one way is better than another. My reasons for using the hot process are more for practicality than anything else. When you make soap using the cold process, individual bars need to cure for several weeks. I simply don't have the available space! The hot process is similar to the cold process, but with HP, the soap cooks for about an hour or so after you mix all the fats and lye together. This creates saponification, a process that occurs naturally while CP soap cures. There are pros and cons to any method, however, I think that one person's disadvantage could be another person's benefit. I am a serious soap lover, so I can appreciate the fruits of just about anyone's soapmaking labors. Here is another hot process soap maker's beautiful work.

For a quick tutorial, please visit Hot Process Soap Notes by Gracefruit. She has summarized the steps nicely and concisely. She makes a pretty sweet hot process line.

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