Sunday, March 2, 2008

Thank Goodness for Failures

I have been struggling to create the perfect egg-shaped bath bomb for a children's little Easter gift set. I had 3 failed batches. Not because of the recipe - because of the gosh darned mold! In all of the bath bombs, one reached perfection. Why? Because my boyfriend made this one. Apparently, he has the magic touch.

Here is his awesome egg:

Here is one of my disasters:

The shells were too difficult to handle and the mixture did not pop out as nicely as I had hoped. And even when they did, it was too delicate a process to marry the bottoms with the tops. I became quite depressed over this. Until I found an ice cube tray at Home Goods in the shape of eggs. It literally saved the day!

Bubblegum and pineapple, resting on plates:

Coconut enters on the right (on the candy cane plate):

A close up of pineapple:

I am much happier with these little guys! They are going to work better with my packaging plan. I will be whipping up some black cherry and orange tomorrow to complete the set.


Caitlin said...

Admit it, Jere! You were practicing when she wasn't home! You egg-tastic, egg-onomical, leggo my eggos dude egg.

02145 said...

Leggo my eggos. Definitely Jere. Heh.