Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our Where-Abouts This Week End


You see, there are people from Brooklyn. And there are people who have lived in Brooklyn for a long time and put real roots down. That's cool.

But then there are people who move to Brooklyn for five minutes from all over so they can CLAIM that their band is from Brooklyn, when clearly, it isn't. They are using the grittiness and hipness of Brooklyn for their own temporary gain. Not cool!

Folks in Danbury have had it with these posers and are taking action!

We'll be taking part in the flea market on Saturday.


Joanna Schmidt said...

I was born and bred in Brooklyn and lived there until 1999. Does that make me cool and gritty? Yeah, baby.

Kim said...

YES! Very much so!!!


dcyrill said...

Another Brooklynite waving over here. I left in 1997. I live in the south now but there is nothing like being back home. Ah Oh Paulie, How you doing?

Have fun on Saturday.

Kim said...

Thanks, dcyrill :)

It seems like every time I read about the next cool band/performer, they are from Brooklyn. So, I'm thinking: Brooklyn's awesome, I want to read more about this person. Then, THEN I learn that they most of these folks aren't from Brooklyn at all and haven't been there long enough to claim Brooklyn as their "home." One of my best friends is from the Boston area and moved to NYC, then to Brooklyn nearly 20 years ago. I think she's earned the right, at this point. But I get so mad at these wannabes who do it right off the bat! I wish someone write a song called: We Aren't Really From Brooklyn But We Say We Are. I feel like these people are depleting Brooklyn of all it's realness.

Ok, ok, that's the end of my rant. (I have weird hot buttons, I must admit.)