Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pour La Mere

Pour La Mere (For the Mother)

I named my whipped shea body butter with my mom in mind. I've been trying to find the right opportunity to create and name a product for her since I started Stella Marie. She was a big fan of the tester I gave her last week, so I figured that I picked the right product.

She is of French decent, thus the French name. She is also surviving cancer. Her bravery is a huge inspiration to me. I put the finished product in her Mother's Day basket today and gave her a well-deserved facial.
Me and My Mom, Fenway Park, Boston, July, 2005


dcyrill said...

The shea butter looks great. Hooray to your Mom for surviving cancer.

LoveMichie said...

Lovely shea butter! Happy Mother's Day to your Mum :)

Kim said...

Thanks, DC! It's day-by-day with cancer, but every day she's still here is a victory. Hope you had a nice Mother's Day:)

Thanks, lovemichie! To your mom, too!

Joanna Schmidt said...

Gorgeous, Kim. How does it feel to make mom such a nice gift??

Kim said...

It feels great ;)