Monday, May 19, 2008

Product Body Goodness

Joanna Schmidt of Product Body sent yours truly a lovely package of goodies and I must tell you that my bath has been totally blissed out since!

First, I feel honored to be the recipient of one of her newest soap creations - pink grapefruit parfait soap. It is still curing, but I can't wait to use it! It has a very sweet scent that I can't help but sniff when I walk by the soap.

Second, she gave me a jar of Sugar Foot, which is a wonderfully creamy and fresh foot scrub with a phenomenal ruby red grapefruit aroma. It is a sheer delight to scrub my tooties with!

And lastly, I received a jar of her mango scented Crush On You body scrub. Again, a very creamy exfoliating experience with a clean finish. Awesome stuff!

I should also mention that her Sugar Foot scrub was just featured in the May issue of Real Simple (a favorite magazine of mine) in the pedicure section. I saw it in print yesterday at the laundromat and it was very exciting! I almost jumped up and screamed - hey, I know that girl! That would have weirded people out, I think. Congratulations, Joanna!