Sunday, June 15, 2008

An Artful Carrie

My boyfriend photographed a series of Carrie soap in various presentations. I liked this one best, as I think it ties in nicely with the narrative of the story.

He and his mother have co-authored a book titled Dirty Water: A Red Sox Mystery and they are in the process of getting advanced reader's copies out to various celebs and folks of interest. One of these folks is Stephen King. There has been some consideration to sending one of the Carrie soaps to Stephen as a thank you if/when he provides a testimonial for the book. Wouldn't that be the awesomest?


Joanna said...

Oh, I bet Stevieeee would like the Carrie soap (or any other soap for that matter!)

Great idea to send it to him.

Kim said...

I hope they decide to do it, but then I can see myself obsessing like a freak once it's been mailed off.