Monday, July 7, 2008

A New House

We went out yesterday and viewed about 6 homes. We put an offer in today on one of them! It's a very sweet Colonial, a block from Roger Williams Park in Providence. I am going to be very careful this time, however - don't want to get too attached!

This home is in impeccable condition in an ethnically-diverse neighborhood. The bathroom has a vintage ribbon tiled floor! Very cute backyard with a patio and a garage. Private and shady :)

Stella Marie would move into the basement - after a weekend of ripping up 1970's carpeting and applying fresh paint to the floor and wood-paneled walls. There is a utility sink down there, too, so soap can be truly separate from the food kitchen.

Here we go again!


Joanna said...

good luck...whatever house you end up with Kim.

Kim said...

Thanks :) I hope this is it!