Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oh, Dear

Let me start by saying: Everyone makes mistakes. This one was, fortunately, not going to result in a law suit. Instead, it will only make people laugh.

In my rush to get 50 Big Poppy (mango soaps) out the door for my boyfriend's booksigning, I made a typo on the label. I don't think anyone is going to think that they are using a soap made with "poopy seeds." Rather, they will likely have the same reaction I had, which was to nearly snarf my seltzer water all over my desk. I suppose I should be mortified, but all I can think about is my poor boyfriend and his sweet mom proudly handing out complimentary soaps to all of the good people of West Hartford, Connecticut who came to hear them speak and sign their books - completely unaware that the label had this very unfortunate misspelling.

I guess you can't take life too seriously.

On a happier note, I am excited to be adding Sugar Cookie Sugar Scrub to the holiday offering this year. Due out by Thanksgiving!


gracefruit said...

I would buy soap with poopy seeds. :)

Kim said...

Awww, thanks, Elizabeth!

Joanna said...

My son would say, "poopy. He he, poopy" snicker, snort.

My husband taught him well.

I'm so proud.

Kim said...

Your son sounds a lot like me!