Monday, March 23, 2009

The Miracle of Soap

Some people celebrate the miracle of life, others celebrate the miracle of the universe. I celebrate the miracle of soap.

My basic process never changes, but I find soapmaking to be a very spiritual activity. It's my church. It has rituals. It transports me. I am always 'in the moment" when I am soapmaking. I never tire of it. When saponification has occured, I am still totally blown away. It's basic science, I know, but to combine raw ingredients (one that has the power to take your skin off) and come out on the other side with skin-loving, sweet smelling, creamy, natural soap ... it feels like divine intervention.

I am a soap nerd. What can I say?


Joanna said...

I am with you. It's like magic. You've got poison and oil. put them together and you've got neither. you've got soap.

It's brilliance.

It's fun :O)

dcyrill said...

From one soap nerd to another, I love soapmaking and the creativity it brings. :)

The Dirty Business Bath Co. said...

LOL! I'm a soap nerd too, and I jut love the science behind it. When soap come to trace I am still like "WTF just happened!"