Sunday, May 17, 2009

Further Conceptualization

Most of this stuff just stays in my head. However, I've decided to document a few things on the company blog. Just for kicks. These are further developments and considerations for the lab notes I posted a couple of days ago.

1. Tempest (spearmint)
Though it would be fun to use a botanical to dye this soap, I have read that indigo root can bleed and who the heck wants that on your skin? I attempted red cabbage water, which was unbelievable beautiful in its pure extracted state but it became a odd shade of orange when lye was added to it and it smelled less than pampering. I've decided to keep this soap dye free. Spearmint essential oil is all this soap needs to get noticed.

2. Pauline (lavender)
Same plan as before (lavender EO) minus the botanical dye. I am going to decorate the soap with locally-produced lavender buds and I think this will be very pretty on its own.

3. The Straight Soap (dye and fragrance free)
Same plan as before.

4. Ocean State (EO TBD, but likely tea tree, sage, eucalyptus or an EO blend)
This soap, I am hoping, is going to freaking rock. It is going to be scented with a pungent, medicinal EO (but not overly used, so as to give the soap a hint rather than a punch) and dyes with liquid chlorophyll (100% natural dye - yields a beautiful light green). The soap will be topped with big, chunky grains of sea salt. This soap is an homage to Rhode Island.

5. Beastie Bar (banana chocolate)
This soap, though not in consideration for a proposal to Whole Foods, will be undergoing a change. The soap will be dyed brown, the chocolate and banana FOs will be blended (current version: bottom portion is banana and top portion is chocolate) and the top will contain chunks of my unscented soap for decoration. The main reason for this is the high concentration of vanilla is the banana FO. It discolors the entire soap and while this is ok (since the soap is banana chocolate), I'd really rather keep the yellow chunks pure.

I will have pics of all the soaps up on the blog soon.

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