Friday, June 5, 2009

Oh, Bath Bomb ... You Tease!

Every once in a while, I torture myself and make bath bombs. This is usually fine in the winter months when the heat and humidity don't seep into the plan. So, why did I get a hankering to make bath bombs on the threshold of summer? Because I'm a glutton for punishment.

This time, the bombs came out swell. Adding to the torture! I figure, I can sell them at the market, without offering them as a regular product on my website. I do this with my cupcake soaps and it seems to work out nicely.

All the more reason to find me on the weekends! If you make your way to Design Hive in Cambridge (link to the right), you can go home with a pink sugar or fresh cucumber bath bomb.

Ooo, la, la!


dcyrill said...

These came out perfect. Do you use silicon molds?

Kim said...

Thanks! It's so rare that I can produce a good looking set of bath bombs. The stars must be aligned somehow.

I use those clear plastic molds that you fill and press together.