Friday, July 17, 2009

Wedding Favor Review

I just received this review on Wedding Wire (dot) (com) from one of my customers. She is a FABULOUS woman whom I had the pleasure of making favors for. This review really made my day!

I contacted Kim two weeks before my wedding to see if it would be possible for her to make me 185 soap favors for my guests. I figured she would send me back a nicely worded but firm email to the effect of "lady, you've got two weeks. Pull the other one." Instead, she emailed me back the same night, telling me she could definitely take the project on. She had some great ideas, and we decided to do pink swirled soaps scented with either geranium or apple, orange swirled soaps in blood orange or mango, and one batch of creamy soaps with lavender. The soaps came out beautifully and since Kim was nice enough to deliver them to my work (an hour away from her!!), I had people coming over all afternoon, sniffing eagerly! The soaps not only smell great, but they lather up wonderfully and I've already had several people ask me how they can get their hands on more. Kim was fantastic to work with and is SO creative...just take a look at her website to see all the great items and scents she comes up with! All of the soaps are 98% natural and 100% vegan friendly. I was delighted with everything about this vendor.

(NB: I used them as placecard-favors. I wrapped each soap, then put a label on it with each guest's name and table assignment. It worked out really well and guaranteed that people TOOK their favors. We only had a couple leftovers, and I think all but one were no-shows!)


Cyndi said...

That is a wonderful review, I bet it did make your day it would have made mine. When I told you that I aspire to be as good a soapmaker as you this is a great example of what I meant.
Keep up the great work.
The Best Damn Granola Co and
The Drippy Hippie Soap Co.

Kim said...

Cyndi - You are too sweet!!!