Thursday, October 13, 2011

Process Switch

In order to improve efficiencies, I will need to change my process from CPHP (Crock Pot Hot Process) to CP (Cold Process). I feel a bit as though I am betraying this process I have so strongly identified with for so long, but there are limits to the volume you can produce, even with 6 crock pots going at once.

So, yesterday, I took the plunge. I made my first batch of CP. I used Soap Craft, my multi-color African Rain soap, for the experiment. I was pleased with the results, though I must learn to master the swirl on top that makes CP soap so appealing. Raw soap sets up faster than I thought, and by the time I had finished dyeing the other layers, the top layer, which is natural, was starting to become like custard. I will get that pretty swirl in my next batch!

For now, here are some pictures:

Soap Craft (African Rain) | Cold Process Method

CPHP (left) vs CP (right)


k.o'brien jewelry said...

There is something that's just as nice with the 'irregular' swirl. It gives more of a sense of what you put into your soap. When it's wispy it's more difficult to notice the effort you put in to layering the colors. This way seems to make it more obvious for the folks who know nothing of soap making.

Kim said...

Thanks, Kim! I am curious to see, too, if anything changes or fades as the soap cures. It will be fun to watch.