Sunday, July 29, 2012

Soap Dish Tips

So, you've finally decided to stop using commercial detergent bars and you're giving handmade soap a try. Hurray! You are doing such a great service to your precious skin! Handmade soap is a bit pricier than super cheap detergent bars, but it will save you trips to the dermatologist and lots of money in lotion, since it keeps the healthy moisture of your body locked into your skin, where it belongs! Handmade soap also provides a luxurious experience. Think: Star Bucks vs. Folgers.

Now, how do you care for your handmade soap? Well, it's easier than you think. You see, if you leave handmade soap in a puddle of water, it's going to break down. Why? Because it has glycerin, which is a lovely byproduct of the soap. It's a key ingredient because it helps keep your skin oh-so-moist and healthy, but, unfortunately, commercial detergent bar producers strip it out during their soapmaking process and sell it off to other manufacturers for different purposes. This is why a cheap detergent bar can sit in water all day and maintain it's shape. Kind of like how a certain fast food company's fries can fall under your car seat and stay exactly the same forever. Makes you wonder, huh? Drainage is the key to maintaining the life of your handmade soap. And it can be achieved a number of ways.

 Do you have a nail brush? Just place your soap on top and you've got yourself a great soap dish!
You may already have one of these. The metal wires make this a dream for handmade soap. It holds all of your other shower goodies, too!
This is a soap saver. You can use this little guy as is or place it inside a fancy soap dish. It's available at most department stores for under 2 bucks.
There are lots of choices with wood, too. Soap decks are extremely popular and if you are into keeping things handmade, this is an excellent option for you. When selecting one with grooves rather than bars (like the one pictured), be sure that they are really deep and wide. The ones with shallow grooves won't do much in the way of drainage.

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Erin Kennedy said...

This is really helpful. Recently, my boyfriend told me to buy some soap dishes or he was throwing my stuff out. So the tutorial will help me find something fashionable but useful.