Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Soapmaking Classes

Student Work

Class Equipment
I've been teaching soapmaking classes since early 2011. When I first launched this arm of my business, I honestly had no expectations. What surprised me more than the number of people interested in learning this craft was how very much I enjoy teaching. Prior to taking a soapmaking class, people are generally unaware of the process. Buying soap is sort of like buying toothpaste, in a way. You know you need it, you realize it's there, but you have no idea where it came from. Demystifying this always brings delight to my students. It's a perfect combination of science and art. The gratification in using the fruits of one's soapy labor is immense. I love watching the playfulness and excitement in my students as they select a fragrance, conceptualize their design, watch their oils saponify in a crockpot.

I hope to continue teaching my favorite thing to do! If you would like to see photos from classes and a collection of student work, please visit albums on Pinterest and Facebook!


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