Sunday, March 16, 2008

Joan Jett Soap

So, I am in the begining stages of developing my saponified tribute to punk pioneer, Joan Jett. As many of you know, Joan fronted the Blackhearts. Therefore, I've incorporated a black heart embed into the top of the design. I used a M & P soap base for this. Trust me, I really struggled with it. I've made little soap hearts with my homemade soap, but decided that the hassle factor would be too high for this one. It is clove-scented. When I think of Joan, I tend to imagine that she is a natural-type gal who enjoys the smell of fresh spices. Don't ask me why. She could be a citrus fan - I don't know her personally.

I am going with a light orange before the cook. After, I will separate about a third and intensify it with more red. This will be the top layer (going for fire, here, people). The black heart will be pressed into the top, but I am going to leave a bit sticking up (a) for interest and (b) to judge where to make cuts. I can generally make 6 1"thick slices from each of my molds.

Here is the general schematic:

Here are the black hearts, awaiting their final destination.

I am nearly out of lye. My shipment is due on Tuesday, so I can get started right away. Wish me luck!


Joanna Schmidt said...

Oooooh. I love it!!!!!!!!!

Joanna Schmidt said...

Ok, I am commenting again, because I keep coming back to look at your soap. You are pretty amazing. I love how you plan out your soaps on paper first. Very "A" personality of you ;) Also, Joan Jett, I LOVE YOU~! Funny you are, cool you are. I'd love to pick your brain over a cup-a-joe, But you live up there and I live down here. Ah, maybe you can make it to the "Next Winter in Sunny Florida Soap Maker Soirée" that I dream of pulling off.

02145 said...

I am a project manager by day, so I guess that explains the planning!

Florida AND soap talk?! I am so there!!

Everyone is inspired by different things, but "odes" to my heroes is where I get mine. The possibilities are endless!

Thanks for coming by!