Saturday, March 15, 2008

Possible New Ad, Definite New Soap!

I am thinking about using this as a t-shirt, flyer, or postcard.

What do you think? I am always paranoid that someone else has already thought of using something I've come up with. I did some thorough image searching on line and couldn't find this one, so I went ahead and took the pic, then ran it through a filter in Photoshop, etc.

While I am introducing stuff, here are my new Beastie Bars! Banana chocolate soap!


Joanna Schmidt said...

Punk Rock Soap. You know, a) you are very talented, b) I love your ad idea and drawing, too! c) I can't wait to try everything!

:) Thank are up next on my soap blog review.....Perhaps Monday.

02145 said...

Thanks, Joanna! You are pretty talented yourself!

Looking forward to the review ;)