Monday, April 28, 2008

Going for It

Tonight, I am experimenting with whipped shea butter. I have been fantasizing about this for a long time. Fellow body product makers, I am sure you understand this insane and all-consuming desire to try your hand at a new item.

Something else occurred to me this evening. After work (ye ole day job), I zipped into the grocery store for some supplies and I thought about how weird it must be to watch someone throw 2 enormous containers of olive oil down, along with multiple bottles of grapeseed oil, boxes and boxes of cornstarch and baking soda. Even weirder - the physical joy I express when the store is having a sale on olive oil. 101 ounces for 12 bucks - WOW! I just go bonkers. And you ought to see me scan the craft store. Looking for anything - ANYTHING - that could be used as an ingredient, packaging, or tool. I guess that's how you know that this little passion could become the one thing you never get tired of doing. I believe you all know what I mean here.

Wish me luck with the whipped shea butter. I promised some gals at work that they could be my guinea pigs tomorrow. *insert Vincent Price laugh at the end of Thriller*


Joanna Schmidt said...

Have fun with it, and remember to whip twice as long as ou think and scrape the sides periodically!

Joanna Schmidt said...

have fun!!

Kim said...

Thanks, Joanna! I just finished. Major whippage! You weren't kidding! I did the freezer/whip, whip, whip/freezer/whip, whip, whip method. I don't know how standard this is. It was a lot messier than I thought. The experience reminds me of my first soap batch.

I believe that a little goes A LONG way. At least with the recipe I used.