Monday, April 28, 2008

Mmmmm .... Ginger Verbena Body Butter

We'll see how my workmates respond before I decide whether or not I need to tweak the recipe. The smell is crazy intoxicating.

[edit: some of you may know this - I am mental about my New England sports teams and right now, if Kevin Garnett weren't a happily married man and I not extremely happy in my relationship - I would be making a serious play for this guy. Gorgeous. Talented. Passionate. Loyal. My top 4. I can easily do without the gorgeous factor, but Kevin Garnett has it all. I keep a personal blog where I go on and on about such things ... I only mention it here because the Celtics are - hopefully - about to take tonight's game away from the Hawks. I've been watching in between shea butter whipping sessions.]

[another update: the Hawks would not allow the win.]


Joanna Schmidt said...

so how did they like it? How do YOU like it?

Kim said...

I love the smell and it is very moisturizing. I like the texture a lot, too. But too greasy. Personally, I don't mind it because my skin is super dry, but I can see this being a problem for most people. I am told that cornstarch will reduce this. But I have to figure out the %.

Folks at work liked the tester I brought in, but the greasiness was not appreciated.

I am in love with the FO. Omigod, it's awesome.

It's time to tweak!

dcyrill said...

Once you get the whipped shea butter under your belt, it is addictive. You don't want to use anything else.

On a side note: I did not know you had a thing for Kevin Garnett. If I were not happily married he would have been my baby daddy. There is nothing like a tall dark fine black man.

Oh and Atlanta surprised me.!

Ok back to the body butter. Keep using different oils with it, you will get there.

Kim said...

I love the way Garnett gets all intense before and during games. My boyfriend and I have been to a few games this year and he literally goes out into the middle of the court by himself right before the 4th quarter starts and urges the crowd to its feet. It is so infectious! Everyone goes nuts! And he averages 30+ points a game. Okay, okay, I digress. It's just a really exciting time for the Celtics right now and Garnett is the main reason. He'd better get MVP! [Atlanta is a very athletic team and they are looking real good right now. I have to tip my hat.]

I am wondering if you guys have any suggestions for carrier oils. I am using olive right now - mainly because it is my favorite.

dcyrill said...

Apricot Kernel
Wheat Germ
Sweet Almond Oil

I use the first three in my body butter.

Kim said...

Thanks! I have never used avocado oil and I have been very curious about it.

I added 3 tsp of cornstarch to the recipe last night (it yielded 16 ounces of body butter), and I found that it definitely helped.

Joanna Schmidt said...

You can use Natrasorb (tapioca starch), too. I have that in my Tangerine Whipped Dream.

Carrier oils? I'd go super light. Kukui Nut Oil Light to medium weight oil. Sunflower Nut Oil (high oleic) Very light weight oil. You could also use shea oil and have pure shea. Shea Butter and shea oil. Brambleberry sells it.....

Kim said...

Thanks! I will experiment some more with different oils.

It's a lot of fun to do something new!