Friday, June 6, 2008

Possible New Digs

I've been caught up in house hunting, preparing for a spa party next week and the NBA finals, which is the main reason for my spotty posting. If all goes well, Stella Marie will have a new home in August, in the greater Providence area. This is very exciting, because I will be able to devote the entire lower level of the house to the soap workshop. And there is a second kitchen (it's an in-law suite), so I can keep it separate from the food area.

The house needs some work - I won't kid ya. But, it's mainly cosmetic. The bones of the home are good and the important things are in place. There will be many painting and tiling projects ahead!

I also have a few product announcements to make by early next week.


Joanna Schmidt said...

Yay YOU!

So exciting!! Keep us posted.

Kim said...

Thanks - I definitely will :)

dcyrill said...

Now you can have the soapmaking room of your dreams :)

Kim said...

I can't wait to spread out! The soap is taking over the apartment.