Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This Post is Rated G - For Gruesome

So, I am a big Stephen King fan. I'm a New Englander. We watch the Red Sox. We pahk ah cahs in Hahvid Yahd (Actually, I've never seen Harvard Yard. And I spend a good deal of my time in Cambridge. This weird phrase - disguised as a way to make fun of the way we talk - is completely inaccurate! If we could park in Harvard Yard, I'm sure it would be more than the average person could afford. I'd rather take the subway to Harvard Square - which isn't really a square - and taunt Harvard Yard from a distance.). Yes, we talk funny (My ex-husband's parents, who are from Pennsylvania, couldn't understand a word from Good Will Hunting. This concerned me at the time because I wondered how the hell they would be able to communicate with my family. I don't have this worry any more, for obvious reasons. And my boyfriend of the past 3 years is from New England, so he gets it, as does his family.).

Wow, I've really rambled, haven't I?

Right, Stephen King.

I've been looking for a way to honor him in soap. And I've found it.

Strawberries and cream scented soap with spatters and drips of blood.

Title: Carrie

I am debuting this soap at a Stella Marie spa party on Friday night. Friday the 13th!

(This is a limited edition soap.)

Good news: We accepted the counter-offer on the house! Hello, Providence!


Joanna said...

I love it, I love it!!!! Carrie, you struck brilliance. And congratulations on your new digs!! When is the move?

Kim said...

Thank you!

We close on August 14th. We'll have 2 weeks to move in. The bathroom needs a new sink and the tub needs to be resurfaced - before we move in, I am hoping. Other than that, it's wallpaper removal and paint :) I can't wait!!! (Hey, I'm a poet.)

Joanna said...

So can I add something to your plate?

Would you be interested in doing a photo documented hot process tutorial for The Soap Bar?? Please...pretty please :o)

Kim said...

I would be honored :) I will have my boyfriend photo document a batch in the near future!

dcyrill said...

I can see the scene from carrie when she is in the gym and that blood spills all over her body. I was sooo scared of that movie than. Great simulation. Great artist.

Kim said...

You are sweet, DC! Thanks! The soap looks frightening, but it smells like a strawberry milkshake :)