Tuesday, July 29, 2008

In the Sandbox

I am working on conceptualizing a soap for punk gods, Bad Brains. What do you think the scent should be?

Here are some ideas I have:

Tea Tree

I am really leaning toward sage at this point.


Joanna said...

Hmmm, I'm not sure those scents speak to me when I think of Bad Brains. But from those, sage sounds the best. :)

I thought about it and it is very hard to pin a scent on a sound or person, isn't it?

Kim said...

Sometimes it's obvious. Banana chocolate seemed like the perfect fit for the Beastie Boys. Clove for Joan Jett. Bad Brains is a challenge. Sage is a powerful, aromatic herb with distinctive purple blooms. For some reason, this feels right to me. Cannibas is a runner up, since Bad Brains are Rastafarians and smoking Ganja is considered to be a religious act in that religion. However, I don't think I can obtain an FO in "doobie." I did find a tobacco but something tells me that this wouldn't work in a soap.

So, sage it's going to be.

Joanna said...

can't wait to see it.


Kim said...

I'm thinking red, green, gold and black all swirled together.

dcyrill said...

Too bad they don't make a Ganja scent. LOL Sage would work. Check my blog, you've been tagged. :)

Kim said...

Hey DC - I started the post, but didn't finish. I m leaving for the weekend, so I'll start tagging on Sunday night :)