Monday, July 28, 2008

Punk Rock Gift Sets Now Available

This punky set of 5 soaps is sure to please the punk rocker in your life! Each gift is served up in a red gable box with a super cool zebra print ribbon.

• Crimson and Clover Soap (A Tribute to Joan Jett)
• Beastie Bar Soap (A Tribute to The Beastie Boys)
• Dinosoap Jr. (A Tribute to Dinosaur Jr.)
• Rockaway Beach Soap (A Tribute to the Ramones)
• Fade to Black Soap
• Red Devil Duckie

*mannequin not included.

Tip: Do not give to posers/poseurs. They won't know that The Beastie Boys actually create punk music, nor will they know that Joan Jett was once in The Runaways and that she is the original Riot Grrrl.


Joanna said...

so unbelievably cool! ILOVEIT!!!!

Now, when you are ready, I think you should be selling the punk rock bathing beauty. Make one? I'll buy one! fersure

Kim said...

She's easy to recreate :) I bought the mannequin at IKEA, added a wash cloth for a towel and part of a pipe cleaner for a mohawk. Viola! Punk bathing princess!

I am thinking of making my next ode in soap to Bad Brains - and I might switch up the Fade to Black soap with it. I will be taking votes on scents.