Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pictures from ArtBeat

I would like to thank everyone who made yesterday's ArtBeat festival a success! This was my first outdoor festival and it was super, duper HOT! I picked up a canopy from my local sporting goods store and I am so happy I did. Otherwise, we would have melted like crayons in a microwave.

After working a previous show, my friend Anne is now my chief marketing officer. She can talk up my products better than me. And when I sold out of my soaps, she turned it into an opportunity to draw people to my website by offering them postcards and business cards. She must be hired! Jere, my boyfriend, is the human calculator. Combined with his psychic abilities, he had exact change ready before people pulled their bills out of their wallets. Amazing! I owe it all to them.

The good news is that I sold out of nearly everything, so packing up the car was not nearly as difficult as getting it ready for the show. However, now I've got to stock up on my inventory - forthwith! I made a lot of great connections, including a couple of people who are interested in offering my soaps as an option for wedding favors and some wholesale opportunities.

Here are a few photos from the show ...

[before we set up]

[I think the guy in the green shirt knew he was getting his picture taken.]

[Look at this little girl on STILTS!]


dcyrill said...

So good to hear you sold out of your wares. Maybe you will be ditching that day job soon? Huh

Kim said...

Don't I wish!

Thanks, D.

Joanna said...

Looks great! I am NOT one that enjoys the selling aspect of things. Good for you for getting out there.

Kim said...

Thanks! It's a lot of fun (as long as friends are there to help you sell ... )