Monday, July 14, 2008


This week, I am going to be quite a soap-a-holic, wiping the sweat off my brow until Saturday morning. I've got several soap batches to make as well as batches of other Stella Marie products. Signage needs to be prepared and needless panic and anxiety will need to be quieted. When, oh, when will I be able to shake this day job?

So, I've picked a great time to begin filming the instructional hot process soapmaking video for The Soap Bar. That's right, folks, I'm going all out! You will get to see me as a real talking person. You've been warned. I'm getting the raw footage tonight and I'm hoping to finesse the mofo this week/early next week.

In house news - the deal is ON! We are hoping to close on August 14th or thereabouts. We can't wait to get the heck in there!


Joanna said...

and double yay!!

Kim said...

I am getting a lot of assistance from the boyfriend guy. He is the mack daddy of iMovie!

We checked out the raw footage and boy, oh, boy does the apartment look small! I think I'm really getting impatient with it because we are moving into a house. I want to move right now!

dcyrill said...

Can't wait for your hp soap motion picture to come out! :)

Keep me posted.

Kim said...

We are getting there. There's a lot of cutting to do! It's running verrrrry long.