Friday, January 21, 2011

Stella Marie is Now Offering Soapmaking Classes!

Hey, Daddy-O, it's time to channel YOUR inner Fight Club!

Stella Marie is now offering Soapmaking Classes! That's right, we invite you to learn one of the oldest crafts in the world, in our studio space in Pawtucket, Rhode Island!

Making your own soap is a satisfying experience and we are so very pleased to add instruction to our offerings!

Check out our site for all the details!


Michael R. Hughes said...

Hi Kim,

Great idea to share your soap-making expertise with others in your community. Bringing folks to your home studio is a great way of doing that as you enhance your authority in the soap making space.

We at Joyful Soaps plan on doing this in the future. We are right now still a young company.

Thanks for doing this!

Kim said...

Hi there!

I am very much looking forward to teaching classes! I moved my soap making operation to a commercial space in September, so I thought it would be nice to hold classes there. However, I know folks who conduct classes in their home studios and they are great fun. Just remember to check your liability insurance policy to make sure you are covered for teaching :)

Best of luck and happy soaping!