Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2011 Event Calendar

We've started our 2011 event calendar! You can see it in the right column navigation of this blog.

Please check back frequently because we do add events as the year moves along and there are already lots of new show applications in the works.

We are very excited to be a season-long vendor at both the SOWA Open Market in Boston, MA (Sundays) and right here at the Providence Open Market (Saturdays). We have some special promotions planned for these markets, so I hope to see you there this summer. We also have a few new booth additions, so stay tuned!


Michael R. Hughes said...

Hi Kim,

I wish you the best at your events. Congratulations on securing shows already for this year.

I was wondering how successful and profitable have the events/show been for you compared to retailer profits, or soap sales from your website? We are a relatively new soap company, and your perspective would be helpful.

Also, have you done better at indoor or outdoor shows?

Thanks so much!

Anne-Marie said...

What a great way to advertise your events! Great idea!

Kim said...

Hi Michael -

Sorry for the delayed response! The majority (about 40%) of my income is from direct sales (events, home parties, weekly markets). The rest is split between my online business and my wholesale business. Each year, I gear my business strategy toward an increase in wholesale. I do enjoy selling directly with customers, but I am hoping that this will account for less of my income over time. For me, the success of a show isn't due to whether or not it is indoors or outdoors. It is whether or not the event is promoted properly.

Anne-Marie - Thanks! Now I just need to hire someone to update my content!