Monday, April 4, 2011

Life is a Bowl of Cherries!

Every year, we roll out a new theme. It's usually reflected in our booth decor and packaging. We like to keep things fresh and new each year and this year is no exception. So, what is this year's theme, you ask? CHERRIES!

Why cherries? Well, why not? Cherries symbolize sweetness and purity and we like to think that our soaps fall into this category, as well. Cherries make us happy! And we hope that by adopting this symbol, we will embody this happiness and joy, too. So, keep you eyes peeled and noses on alert for a few cherry-inspired products this year.


Anne-Marie said...

Fun idea! Can't wait to see what soapy cherry products you come up with =)

Michael R. Hughes said...

Hi Kim,

The theme of "bowl of cherries" certainly sets a fun and merry tone for your soaps. Great choice and very fitting for your soaps. Did it take you long to come up with that this year's theme?

Thanks for sharing this.

Kim said...

So far, I've got some cherry bath fizzies and cherry lip balm. Definitely more to come, though :)

The year's theme came to me while standing in a candy shop in western Massachusetts. I saw some beautiful gummy cherries and thought, "Hey! Perfect!"