Tuesday, February 5, 2013


The first 16 years of my professional career were spent in marketing and publishing settings. I really liked this work. I have a natural love of spreadsheets, data analysis and project planning. It definitely came in handy when I started my business. Every month, I create a business summary and it tallies income generated from the shop, craft shows, instruction, online sales, wholesale and custom orders. It also summarizes expenses like commissions, rent, payroll, utilities, credit card fees and raw materials. I like to know where I stand at all times. I am grateful for the skills I developed in my old career. But that career was super stressful. At times, I could justify the stress. Most times, though, I really couldn't. I dealt with clients who waited until the last minute to launch enormous projects and I was forced to lead a team into a needlessly aggressive production schedule. On top of that, many of the clients would ask for massive editorial and (sometimes) conceptual changes without moving deadlines out. It was during these times that I vowed to make my next career about taking stress AWAY from people. I know what it feels like to be put under the gun because someone in a high up position didn't plan well. It's frustrating.

I am now the stress reliever. I am the one who can provide an assortment of products that will relax, calm, soothe, pamper, delight. This is not to say that my job isn't without stress. I put in long hours. I hustle. I don't have a "predictable" pay check. It bounces around, depending on the time of year. But none of that matters much. I am in love with my new career. I feel like I'm actually making a positive difference in people's lives, albeit a small one.

Everyone deserves quiet time. You may curl up on the couch after a long day with a glass of wine or a hot cup of tea and good book. Or perhaps you will fill up your tub with a hot water and soak in an aromatic bath. Maybe you will light a fresh candle and give yourself a nice pedicure. Whatever your choice, I am happy to be the source of products that will help you recharge your batteries.

Front Window Update
With some help from my aunt and uncle, the pink tub on the shop floor has been lifted into the front window and it looks perfect! After Valentine's Day, the window will be getting a bit of photography.

The store is going to be re-arranged, too. Products will be grouped into displays by function. 
bath salt bar, bath bombs, bath melts
body scrubs, exfoliating soaps
body butter, massage bars, lip balm, lotion
bar soap
masks, shaving soap, facial exfoliating beads, toners and mists, eye pillows
ceramics, cutting boards, magnets, etc.
candles, sachets

We will still keep one table for seasonal items. The front window will be themed for the season, also. I am hoping to add more items to our inventory, soon, too!


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