Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Importance of Exfoliation

Whew! Did we ever get a walloping of snow this weekend! It took nearly an entire day to dig out of it. I imagine it was a similar weekend for all of my fellow New Englanders. Sometimes, Mother Nature delivers a real nasty storm and the winds and cold temperatures can do a number on your skin.

One way to help keep your skin healthy during these tough months is to exfoliate regularly. By applying a small amount of body scrub to the areas of your skin that are most dry, you help gently remove the dead skin cells and make way for the process of fresh skin cell rejuvenation.

Most body scrubs contain oils that condition while sloughing away dead skin so that moisture does not escape. Our sugar and salt scrubs are formulated with olive and grapeseed oils. It is important not to dry out your skin, especially during the exfoliation process.

Stay warm, my friends!


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