Thursday, February 13, 2014

Banana Chocolate Soap

It's an experimentation day here at Stella Marie! I am trying my hand at using fresh fruit purees in soap and it all begins today with an unscented banana chocolate soap! See pics and steps below. I am going to bake the soap using CPOP (Cold Process Oven Process), so I will have pics of the finished soap tomorrow. This is a 100% natural soap. Bananas are GREAT for your skin! Here are 39 reasons why, brought to you by                             
1. Break up 1 fresh banana.

2. Using a blender, food processor or mixer, blend the banana until it is smooth.

3. Puree! Yay!

4. Measure oils.

5. Add lye solution.

6. Stick blend oils + lye solution.

7. Measure cocoa powder. Dilute it in oil and liquify.

8. Add cocoa to a section of the raw soap.

9. Whisk cocoa in until blended.

10. Add fresh banana puree to the main section of raw soap.

11. Stick blend soap + banana puree.

12. Add sectioned off cocoa soap to banana soap.

13. Swirl together.

14. Pour into mold. I added a few teeny drops of cocoa/oil mixture to the top of the soap and swirled it a little for a decorative top.

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Being Girlish said...

Wow I never heared about Banana soap :) Nice experiement you did stella, How you think that means stuck in your mind that Banana can be used for it.. Hatt's of making this soap, I will also try..
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